Team Prodigy is on a long layline for Point Alpha, reaching in flat seas, ready for the long leap across the pond. It has been thick fog all night and all day today. We are sailing in foul weather gear with mid-layer and we are soaking wet. The fog has been so thick on occasion that one could scarcely see the luff of the A1 at night without a bright spotlight. Sailing with no reference of horizon or a vertical light gradient is taxing on helmsmen. Surfing waves and building the apparent wind is possible in these conditions, however it is easy to lose the sense of orientation.

We have seen many birds on our way and dolphins have followed us for periods of time. It is an amazing experience to watch dolphins follow your sailboat at approximately 10 knots below the water and briefly expose their sleek body, playing in the bow and stern waves.

All is good on Prodigy, we hope for less fog in coming days.

Report for Team Prodigy by V-man

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