Evening my sofa sailors

I hope all is well with you. I am sitting at the playstation with a full moon outside, the hatches open to let a gentle breeze in and the sound of laughter coming from the cockpit as the next watch settle in (Pedro, Adrian, Lisa and Matt).

Today started with calmer seas and heat, lots of sunshine and heat. Did I mention how warm it is? At midday it was 36 below deck. Utterly ridiculous. Up top everyone has been taking advantage and topping up the suntans. There is talk of hair washing tomorrow if the sun and calm waters remain with us. We are slowly moving out of the jet stream so the humidity is dropping. Maria he put suntan lotion on!!!

This morning we could make out Carina on our port bow (left and to the front of our boat) about 5 miles off. Over the course of today our paths have converged and once we gybed we started to move across her bow and she is now sitting off to starboard (right of our boat). Ross had a chat with their skipper this afternoon. All very cordial and polite. There was an invite to a 4th July celebration!

There has been a variety of boat activity. We sent Adrian up the mast to do a rig check. All seems ok. Nothing exciting to report there. We peeled from the AP to the runner which saw Adrian, again, doing a balancing act on the guy to spike the AP. At some point we gybed back but I missed that one as I was asleep.

And yes we have eaten another three good meals. Mr Moffat made his first ever pan of porridge for the crew and burnt the pan. Thankfully the contents were edible and everyone had their fill of porridge, raisins and nuts. As soon as one meal is cleared away the conversations often turns to what else there is to eat. We have forward planned for 18 days and there are menu cards stuck up in the galley. As we have had a mystery elf playing with the switches the fridge/freezer has been turned off twice so I have been playing roulette with the food coming out the freezer.

Lunch today was a couscous salad with butter beans, peppers, tomatoes and olives and a sprinkling of pan fried pepperoni! Dinner was sweet and sour pork with pineapples ladled onto a bed of quinoa and black beans followed by a lemon drizzle cake and salted caramel chocolate.

As I write this I realise how well we are eating. Then again if you feed people crap food they get upset and grumpy. I have had to hide the ginger cake as the mice are already trying to find it. Pedro is worried that he will come home having gained weight and that his trainer will give him a hard time. We have devised a training programme for him which he starts tomorrow. Sadly we are unable to do a HIIT session as the bouncing on the boat may not be best for the drivers and our course to steer.

So as you can read everyone is well, happy and fed! We are all a little unsure as to whether the weather will really get cold but for now we are enjoying what we have, moving in the right direction, enjoying each others company and some very ridiculous topics of conversation.

Love and hugs to all our family, friends, loved ones and readers

Kirsty and Team SO

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