We wish to thank the following individuals, organizations, and companies for their contributions to the Transatlantic Race 2015:

Organizing Yacht Clubs – Flag Officers

Royal Yacht Squadron
Commodore The Hon. Christopher Sharples
Vice Commodore C. R. Dick Esq.
Rear Commodore Finance The Hon. Patrick Seely DL
Rear Commodore Yachting JPL Perry Esq.

New York Yacht Club
Commodore A. Rives Potts, Jr.
Vice Commodore Philip A. Lotz
Rear Commodore William P. Ketcham

Royal Ocean Racing Club
Admiral Andrew McIrvine
Commodore Michael Boyd
Vice Commodore Steven Anderson
Rear Commodore Adrian Lower
Rear Commodore Justin Slawson
Rear Commodore Matthew Allen
Rear Commodore Stephen Benjamin
Rear Commodore Myles Harrison

Storm Trysail Club
Commodore Lee Reichart
Vice Commodore Peter Rugg
Rear Commodore Leonard Sitar

Committees, Sponsors, and Supporters

Sponsors: Rolex, Newport Shipyard, Peters & May

Organizing Committee Co-Chairs: David Aisher, George David, Stephan Frank & Patricia Young
Organizing Committee: Thomas Cagnina, Juan Corradi, Clay Deutsch, William Doyle, Rich duMoulin, Joseph Hoopes, Lawrence Huntington, Bjorn Johnson, William Lynn, Robert Towbin, Paul Zabetakis & Eddie Warden Owen, CEO, RORC

Race Committee: Samuel Wakeman, PRO, Roger Fortier, Ass’t. PRO, Robbie Benjamin, Peter Blank, Lyn Comfort, Margaret Comfort, Ingrid Flynn, Thomas Flynn, Richard Gumpert, Timothy James, Dorothy Myles & Tinker Myles

Sailing Office: Brad Dellenbaugh, Sailing Director, NYYC; Daniela Burton, Sailing Event Coordinator, NYYC; Nick Elliot, Racing Manager, RORC

Professional Staff: James Boyd, Co-General Manager, NYYC; Julie Kasley, Special Events Director, NYYC; Patricia Lewington, Secretary, RYS; Timothy McCormick, Co-General Manager, NYYC; Stuart Streuli, Director of Communications, NYYC; Marcy Trenholm, Executive Secretary, STC

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